Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Review: Here burns my candle by Liz Curtis Higgs

I have been wanting to dip my toes in the historical romance genre. When I was offered a chance to review Here Burns my Candle I snagged it up quickly.

Here Burns my Candle is Christian Historical Fiction. A retelling of the old testament story of Naomi and Ruth, takes place in Edinburgh, 1745 during the Jacobite revolution. It follows a series of events that affect Lady Elisabeth Kerr and the family she married into.

A large part of the plot in the first quarter of the book revolves around Elisabeth's husband, Donald and his inability to be faithful to her. This part of the book tried my patience. I don't have any understanding for that behavior and the book didn't offer any new explanations. This part of the book moves more slowly than the rest of the book. I joked with my husband that this might be the book that finally puts me to sleep instead of keeping me awake.

However, when this book takes off it really takes off. Once the revolution begins the plot really moves quickly. It becomes a fast paced ride through the Jocobit revolution from the perspective of the women in the Kerr family. Higgs is wonderful at creating tension between characters and in the plot. Even though I knew the history involved at this time period, and I could guess what the outcome would be for the family, I found myself on the edge of my seat to find out how this works out.

The author has clearly done her homework for this time period. It was absolutely authentic. I really enjoyed all the details of everyday life in Scotland during the 18th century. The dialogue was authentic, and it included Scottish brogue which made the book all the more authentic. But they managed to do it without it being distracting, or hard to read.

I found the character of Elisabeth to be absolutely fascinating. She was inspiring. Her encounters and interactions with Christianity were absolutely authentic to me. It didn't seem forced or preachy. This was a great read I would recommend if you can see beyond the flaws in Donald's character and hang in until the plot picks up.

disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of the book to review by the publisher. My opinions however, are completely my own.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pich Putt and Play

All of our children's birthdays are in March/April. Because of this, March starts to feel like a month long holiday. We started out thinking we would just do something with the family, and get the kids the gifts they had been wanting. Then we thought, okay we will invite a few friends, keep it small just have a little get together. Which is how we ended up at Pitch Putt and Play.

I am convinced this is the easiest, most stress free get together we have ever been part of. It was awesome. The kids loved the bumper boats. They are electric so no smelly, loud engines AND each of them had their own squirt gun. Somehow Grandma ended up in the one boat with no squirt gun, and all the kids thought she looked a little too dry. There is no proof that anyone cut the line to her squirt gun, but suspicions and rumors abound :).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Chloe!!

My dear Chloe,

Here you are six years old, I can hardly believe it. I thought I told you kids that there would be no more growing up and no more birthdays allowed! But here you are, turning six.

Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that you are only six. You are so smart, and so ahead for your age. You are already doing second grade work, and you are only in kindergarten... its really amazing. You always have broken the mold.

You promised me tonight that if Emma and John leave home, you will stay behind. You know, so I won't get bored or lonely. You are such a sweet girl :). You are always so bright and sunny, brimming with enthusiasm.

Even though Daddy was out of town, I took you to Chuck E Cheese for your birthday. Chuck E Cheese himself delivered your birthday cake. I thought you and John were going to fall out of the booth. It's hard for me to believe I gave birth to you rodent lovers.

You LOVE winning tickets. You ignore all the rides, just to do the games that pay tickets. So ambitious and at the same time you always share with your brother and sister. You used some of your tickets tonight to buy your brother a treat too. I was so proud of you, I always am.

Even though we had already gotten you your "official bday gift"(you wanted a nintendo DS). Your brother and sister dragged me to the store during your dance class so they could buy you a gift on your birthday too. You are such a loved little girl. I hope you always keep that tucked in your heart.