Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Very Merry Half Birthday to YOU!

We surprised Chloe with an impromptu Half Birthday celebration. She is so observant, it is hard to surprise her! She is now "officially" six and a half, a fact that she has been explaining to anyone who will listen.

What you need for a half birthday celebration:
  • a half birthday girl
  • something sweet (besides the sweet bday girl)
  • tickles
  • family

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sous Chef

I have hired three of the very cutest sous chefs ever!!! They make dinner so much more fun to make.

Children's Museum Summer 2010

Museum of Fine Art - Hands on Art Day

We went for a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts. They do such a nice job of creating a comfortable atmosphere for the kids. We went on a storybook tour this day. The docent led the kids around the museum stopping at these top two pictures. Then she passed around fabrics that were very much like the ones the man in the painting is wearing to allow the kids to handle them. She discussed with them the painting techniques used in the painting. I brought along watercolor pencils and pastels for the kids to try to recreate what they saw.

When we arrived back home, the kids wanted to make their own art museum. They drew a ton of pictures and then we taped them up in the hallway.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A break in our regularly scheduled programming

I was looking back over the blog and noticing the lack of posts lately. Usually I don't worry about posting every day, but what a gap! I used to post every evening, it was an important ritual to me. A nice way of sewing up the day and preserving our memories. The blog was automatically emailed to my husband (who travels internationally) and it gave him a peek into our lives. Then a few months ago, life caught up to me.

I found myself taking the pictures and framing the blog post in my head, but never finding the time to actually sit down at the computer to write it. I haven't been able to even sit down much!

My husband has always worked out of town, but back in February there was a dramatic change in his work demands that just hasn't gotten any better. I think our crazy life took me over, I have so much less time. But I am not willing to let this blog go. This is where I store our family memories, that is the primary reason for our blog. Over the next couple of days I am going to be doing a massive blog update, just a heads up if I am spamming your reader or inbox.