Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Chloe!!

My dear Chloe,

Here you are six years old, I can hardly believe it. I thought I told you kids that there would be no more growing up and no more birthdays allowed! But here you are, turning six.

Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that you are only six. You are so smart, and so ahead for your age. You are already doing second grade work, and you are only in kindergarten... its really amazing. You always have broken the mold.

You promised me tonight that if Emma and John leave home, you will stay behind. You know, so I won't get bored or lonely. You are such a sweet girl :). You are always so bright and sunny, brimming with enthusiasm.

Even though Daddy was out of town, I took you to Chuck E Cheese for your birthday. Chuck E Cheese himself delivered your birthday cake. I thought you and John were going to fall out of the booth. It's hard for me to believe I gave birth to you rodent lovers.

You LOVE winning tickets. You ignore all the rides, just to do the games that pay tickets. So ambitious and at the same time you always share with your brother and sister. You used some of your tickets tonight to buy your brother a treat too. I was so proud of you, I always am.

Even though we had already gotten you your "official bday gift"(you wanted a nintendo DS). Your brother and sister dragged me to the store during your dance class so they could buy you a gift on your birthday too. You are such a loved little girl. I hope you always keep that tucked in your heart.


H-Mama said...

Sweetness! Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Terra Howard said...

I love Chloe's originality. She's such a smart, sweet, funny girl. It's true that she is ahead of the curve but her heart is young. I appreciate her personality more everytime I'm around her!! You're a lucky Mom...but you already know that.