Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap up: the one with no school pics

This week we finished up our unit on Charlemagne. At our house along with the clicks of a computer mouse, and the turning of pages you usually hear the snoring of a pug. And not always soft snoring, sometimes I think we need a tiny CPAP machine for her. Petunia loves to join us for school, mostly because there is always a lap open for her to snuggle up in. This week was so much fun, but I didn't get many pics of our actual school work. But I have plenty of random pics of fun!

Wednesday, after a hard day of work, we had the most awesome recess ever at the splash pad!!!

This is a pic of the cart one of my children got stuck in at Academy Thursday. I can't name names, because I promised I wouldn't. Brian bought the kids a .22 Winchester 73 reproduction for them to practice their marksmanship with and we had to to grab eye and ear protection for them. Someone who is far to old for a cart ride got tired and climbed in the cart when no one was looking. Then couldn't get out. So there we are in academy overturning a cart so gravity will work with us and dragging a child out. Yeah, we are THAT family. I couldn't get the victim to pose with the cart. :) But had to snap a pic for posterity's sake, because one day this will crack them up :).

After Our Music Co-op (Band/Choir) on Friday morning we moseyed down to the waterfront to price the fish markets. Clearly, my girls can accessorize anywhere. They found these awesome fans at one of the fish mongers. Not only did it keep them cool, it wafted all the fish market stench from them.

The one thing I DID get a picture of from this week's school is our new "News Board". I think sometimes that my children have short term memory loss. If they have slept since I mentioned something, it is forgotten. This is our solution, and so far it is working beautifully. We have the mini snap shot of our week calendar at the top (I hadn't filled it in yet in this pic). Over to the left I tell them what our unit of study is for the week. They get the info on where Daddy is, and how they can contact him (he travels all over). What to expect for school, and reminders for work in their outside classes. The preparing for tomorrow section helps us get everything ready to walk out the door for the next day. This really simple idea has solved a BIG communication gap in our house. I think because the kids can see it all through the day, it helps them to know what to expect.

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