Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday in the tomb

National Geographic's King Tut exhibit was in town, so we went. This might qualify as a dirty little homeschool mom secret, I was bored. I knew it was something I should appreciate, but the reality was "oh look, its an urn.... and another urn....some pottery....yawn". The kids agreed. John and Grandpa made sure the benches didn't jump up and reanimate. To be fair, Egyptology has never been our thing.

Everyone was expecting to watch a King Tut documentary later at home. I decided they had suffered enough and switched it out for The Mummy movie with Brendan Fraiser. Now that is how to make Egyptology fun!
We headed out to Chili's for dinner. When you have three kids, and it is "free kid's meal night", This is a very good thing.


H-Mama said...

haha! crack me up... we never made it to the exhibit. yay for kids eat free! ;)

tacamelly said...

Ha! I thought the same thing! Thanks for validating my thoughts!