Monday, September 7, 2009

Martha, oh dear Martha

My friend Terra and I have been reading the book "Julie Julia". The premise of the book is that a woman named Julie decided to cook her way through Julia Child's French cookbook. We had an inspiring idea. Why not take someone we really respect and try to do the same thing? Child was out, neither of us thought we could talk our families into eating organ meat. I mean, blech..... Instead we chose Martha Stewart. We both want to boost our "skills" and everything is more fun with a friend.

I have this love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart. First, she has this valiumed up flat, alien affect, sometimes it makes it seem like she might unzip her skin at night to meet up with her pod mates. Plus, I have watched her show since before jail time, when she was clearly very rude to her guests. On the other hand, she is so awesome. She finds the best projects and they always turn out perfect. Her magazines, her show are all total eye/craft/recipe candy for me. The frustrating part for me is that I kinda want to be that, I want my projects to turn out that perfect. But it never happens..... never. ever. I might be a bit jealous. See, Martha has 15 people to focus just on perfecting her crafts and recipes. At my house, we have me, and three children who want to get involved and "stir the pot". For example, yesterday I was trying to cook a simple grilled cheese it burned while I gave lecture #411 "why we shouldn't hit our sister".

We wanted to see what would happen when you took two reasonably intelligent moms, added six children and see what happened in REAL life. So we named the blog Really? Martha. Sometimes that will represent how Martha's recipes translate into real life with kids and sometimes we might be screaming that at the top of our lungs while trying to complete a frustrating project.

Below is the pic of our first project that came out really awesome. Next up, Crab cakes!!!!!

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Rob said...

Sounds fun! Have a blast with your new blog!