Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We had an awesome day at the zoo! We met up with our friends, the Howards. All the kids had a blast! We really lucked out, we seemed to hit the exhibits at just the right time when the keepers where there.

Here is a pic of my darling Emma with her Princess tiara on. She hasn't taken it off since Terra and I found it two weeks ago at a resale shop. If I would let her, she would sleep in it!

John and Chloe loved splashing in the splash pad. I was really glad we went, it was still warm enough to enjoy the splashing.

We got to pet a baby alligator. Both the alligator and the keeper were super generous with their time.

Oh look, we found the elusive cute little girl exhibit!

We REALLY lucked out here. There is a tunnel through the piranha tank that the kids could crawl through AND it happened to be piranha feeding time. It was so totally AWESOME! the kids laid on their backs and watched the piranha swarm.

Right next to here is the bat exhibit. They were also feeding the bats, but no pics. It felt too mean to take photos in their dark little cave. Chloe couldn't find the vampire bats, and I kept sending her back to look because I was sure they were there. She finally came back and said that she asked the keeper and the keeper said they had "let the bats go". Terra and I started at each other with big eyes and repeated the "let the bats go" part with panic. The keeper thought that was hysterical and came over the clarify that they weren't set free in the building, they had been moved.

John and Chloe love the Komodo dragon, Smaug. Smaug thinks they look yummy too.

We got to catch them bathing the elephants. It was great. As a treat, for performing simple commands like "lift your foot" they feed the elephant little bites of wonder bread. That was weird to me, I would have expected peanuts.... but Dr. Atkins would appreciate the visual.

John tiptoeing through the tulips, or whatever flowers those are.

The very best part of the zoo is the icecream!

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Rob said...

Looks like a fun trip to the zoo! And yeah, ice cream for me, does seem to sometimes taste better at the zoo than at any other time :)