Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Super Saturdays

Every once in a while we have a small stretch of time where Brian is off on weekends. It almost makes us feel normal.

So this past Saturday we went for breakfast.

Is it just me? or does Brian look like he needs rescuing?

John and Emma are practicing for their technological black out of Mom and Dad once the hit the teenage years.

We ate at Kelly's where all the food is meant to feed giants. Yes, that biscuit is in fact that huge and the pancakes are the size of hubcaps.

We hit the crafts at Lakeshore after visiting the bookstore. I have dreams of living in a bookstore. If I don't start purging some books I might get my wish.


Jeanne said...

Yes, I have that bookstore home too!

Katherine said...

Kelly's! One of the few things I miss...