Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Emma, on your 8th birthday

Dear Emma,
How is it even possible that this is your 8th birthday. It seems to me yesterday you were a newborn. The years are flying by far to quickly for me. I was so glad that you weren't yet too old for a visit to the giant rat.

This year you have bloomed into a beautiful young lady right before my eyes. My sweetheart, you are such a gentle and wise soul. I am so lucky God chose me to be your mommy. You are a joy to have as a daughter.

You are such a nurturer with your brother and sister. John worships you. You are always willing to help him, or sit and play with him. You have never wanted the spotlight, and you take joy in helping your brother and sister to shine. Both your brother and your sister look up to you, and that admiration is so clearly deserved. You have a soft heart my darling, and your deep compassion for others is amazing in a girl your age. I have never seen a more helpful young lady.

You are a deep thinker, and you tend to be quiet at times. Sometimes you surprise me with the things you say, because all that time you were mulling something over, and when you talk about it, it's so clear that you have really digested the information and formed your own really well thought out opinions. We are alike in needing our "quiet time". You and I both need time away from people, to just be ourselves and decompress sometimes. If we don't get that, we go on emotional overload.

Right now your favorite color is pink and your all time favorite thing is anything star wars (with Harry Potter as a close second). You like the girls in Star Wars (and who could blame you, you are your mother's daughter). Today I am about to take you to your ballet classes that you love, and you are looking forward to this summer at Schlitterbahn. Really really looking forward to it. We set up a calendar in your room this year so that you could keep track of all the fun events we have planned.

Happy Happy birthday sweet girl.

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