Monday, February 11, 2013

Science Rules!!!!!!

I have loved Bill Nye, The Science Guy since the nineties when I was able to introduce a much older child to his science enthusiasm. I was so excited when I found his episodes on youtube! It was so much fun introducing him to my kiddos today. We had a great day in the homeschool life today. First we read about Chemical Reactions in our Science Curriculum. According to the kids, that was the boring part of today :) Then we watched Bill Nye's episode about Chemical reactions!!

 Here is a link to the episode of you would like to share it with your kids!

Then we started the experiments from the Bill Nye episode.   First we donned our safety glasses, cause safety is always first.  Mommy likes her kids with all their eyeballs intact. 

Then we measured 1 Cup of vinegar into each jar and 1 Tablespoon of salt.  Well, most of us did...  the youngest is more of a free thinker, and a free pourer.
We put our dirty pennies in the jars and shook them up
Through the magic of science....... clean pennies!!!!!!!
Then I made everyone drink a bottle or water.  Which made sure the kiddos are getting enough water, and it gave us a handy receptacle for our next experiment..... blowing up a balloon with Chemistry!  We took our used vinegar and poured it into our water bottles in the sink (please excuse the sink... we live here, I want to tell you that it doesn't always look like that, but I would be lying :)
Then we put baking soda into balloons.....

And viola!!! 

We planned to also build a fire extinguisher from baking soda and vinegar, but it was raining out... and that made it impossible.  I mean, I don't mind messy, but doing that indoors just sounds crazy.  


Anita said...

Awesome experiments!

tacamelly said...

Great homeschool day! I'm going to copy you...