Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Does her husband really exist....??

I could jump on the opportunity to go all existentialist here, but I will pass. (Yeah, its okay you can let out that deep sigh of relief :). Poor Brian and his job, sometimes it seems like he is just the ghost that sometimes haunts our manor. It has caused people to wonder if Im really married, or just a little crazy.... Hey guess what?? BOTH!

Frankly, I think I picked a pretty good one. Now sometimes he comes off as a little crusty and grouchy (um, especially on the phone, I apologize in advance if you call), but don't be fooled by it, its just a throwback to his Kurmudgeny bachelor days (his family was convinced that he would never marry..). There never is any feeling behind it, its all just bluster (I may have to reread this on my hormonal days, even I tend to forget). My husband, like all good chocolates has a crunchy, hard exterior crust that only belies the warm mushy goodness in the center...... he really is quite the sweetie pie.

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