Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ted Kazinski, the hamster

So word is out that I am a sucker for any animal in trouble, and we wound up taking four hamsters home from Petco that had been abandoned. Brian tells me im no longer allowed to go to PetCO, especially not on adoption day! We didn't get any takers who wanted to "share the hamster wealth" and at first I was a little overwhelemed. But they are a SCREAM. We are loving them. We spent over an hour the other day just playing with them. if you have never seen a hamster eat a triscuit, well you are just missing out. These pictures are of our Shaggy. (an homage to that fabulous great dane scooby doo and his hairy friend!) I swear this hamster looks just like a dust mop! If it weren't for the random hamster poop I would put him to work swiffering my furniture.

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