Friday, November 6, 2009

A trip to the aquarium... very image heavy

We went with our homeschool group on a field trip to the aquarium restaurant. It was such a blast! We started with a class on animal training. For me, it was all about the sloth. I love the sloths, ever since I was little and had an animal book with a sloth in it. Apparently that was the start of my OCD because I kept turning the page upside down to make the sloth stand up, I didn't like him hanging from the tree.

The exhibit areas have lots of photo ops. We clearly took advantage of that. Grandma and Grandpa came with us and thankfully decided not to bring the tiger hats (pimp hats) home.

The tigers are HUGE in person. When they are sitting down I was thinking "oh look at the pretty tigers, so majestic and docile". But when one of them paces by the glass some kind of evolutionary warning bell goes off in my head and I start trying to check the thickness of the glass and insure that its secure.

The train ride and carousel rounded out our day. We had a blast and I can only say thank you. We are so grateful that we are a part of a group that plans so much neato stuff!


H-Mama said...

Such a hip Grandma & Grandpa! Your kids are blessed to have them. What a fun time. We should do that.

Rob said...

What a fun time! LOVE the tigers too!

We were at the zoo one time viewing the gorillas. A Silver Back was sitting with his back right up against the glass. Someone was trying to get his attention (tapping on the glass and making faces) and I suppose the big fellow eventually got annoyed. One second he was sitting there, then the next he had thrown his fist up behind him and hit the glass right in front of the person's face.

The whole wall kinda shook and everybody went paler than usual, jumping back. It was freakin awesome! :)