Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Boxes

Ah the holidays, always something for a Mom to do. My kids needed a "mailbox" to have their valentine's dropped into and I happened to be out of shoe boxes that we could cover with wrapping paper. This was a very happy problem, I love how these turned out. After valentine's day we are going to give these boxes a brand new life as our "family love note center".

Okay so first you have to run to your local craft store and purchase an unfinished kleenex holder. In my Hobby Lobby they were all in an aisle with the unfinished wood. I paid about $3.99 each for mine.

Then you just paint them all a solid color. I let the kids do this part. I was very specific for them not to paint the bottom, but I forgot to tell Chloe not to paint the inside. But I figure a little paint won't hurt anything.

Once they are dry, just use a pencil to outline what you want to paint and embellish to your heart's content!

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