Monday, February 8, 2010

Homeschool day at the Zoo 2010

Guess who lost her first tooth at the zoo? It was Chloe! I told her she wasn't allowed to lose a tooth at the zoo, but did she listen :)?

We met up with our friends there, and we got to watch so many of the animals being fed. The girls took a bajillion photos of the meerkats eating.

John did his yoda impression with a tiny stick. "Patience young one, Yoda I am..."

I was so excited, in the bear enclosure this cardinal showed up. The girls correctly identified the bird. See, we didn't do eight weeks of a bird unit study for nuthin!!

You might be wondering what is in that cooler. I packed a knife and a cutting board, and lots of fruit. In hindsight, the post 9/11 world isn't very friendly for knife carrying. Thankfully, I have come up with some better ideas since then. We have bought some travel friendly foods. This is the day that I realized that the diet isn't just good for me in theory, but I realized that I am actually allergic to dairy and wheat.

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