Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Emma let me know the other day that she had a new imaginary friend. This is actually her very first imaginary friend. Her name is Eif (like "leaf" without the L). This naturally piqued the curiosity of her younger brother and sister.

Eif required her own seat in the car. Of course Eif wanted Chloe's seat (a little sibling psychology anyone?), and Emma tried to explain that Chloe should give up her seat because "guests go first". Chloe was pretty quick to nix that idea and I had to explain that our imaginary friends would be fine without a seatbelt... on the floor of the van.

Chloe immediately decided that she had 3 imaginary friends, who all wanted extra dessert. John explained that he had eight of them. Which is less of an imaginary friend, and more of an imaginary entourage

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Rob said...

Brilliant kids! See its the simple things. Next time I go to ask for a raise, I will simple explain about my entourage and ... well maybe not. :P