Friday, June 5, 2009


Its all John, all the time. Somehow, everything interesting has happened to poor John.

Last week he had to get stitches. He and Chloe were playing with a plastic golf set, and he got the rotten end of the stick. So we had to go for stitches..... ouch

John was very clear with every single person he talked to that "Chloe did this to me". Ah, sibling love.......

John was very brave, and this whole thing has taught me that parenting a boy is very different when it comes to bathroom hygiene and emergency room visits.......

His injury was a complete accident, his sister didn't mean to hurt him. As a reward for being a very brave boy, the ER gave him a stuffed dog.

We hadn't been home for five minutes when his sister's asked him to share his new toy. For once, we said no sharing. That poor boy earned that little dog.

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Rob said...

Wowzers! The poor guy! That looks like an upgrade from an owie to "that freakin' hurts". Tall price to pay for a stuffed dog too :) Glad he's doing well though!