Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hooters into the 21st Century and beyond.....

Last night we went shopping for a phone for me. The one I had to settle for after an "oopsie" was made probably ten years ago. It still has an antennae and you really do have to pull it out to talk. It doesn't seem to even know what texting is, its not even an option. I believe it would be called a "first generation" phone.

The one thing I can say for it, it is a sturdy little phone. It's not like I know that because I have been randomly dropping it in toilets and on sidewalks to get rid of it. No sir, not me. We have been waiting until Brian's work decided on a plan and Yippeee! they finally did. We chose a "smart phone". Which means it will be smarter than me, and I will have to rent out my ten year old niece to teach me how to use it. Frankly, this makes me feel like a grandma and I am not zen with that yet.

Afterward we decided to grab a bite out and we wound up at Hooters. I am not sure why this hasn't ever been a blip on my radar screen. I mentioned it in passing to someone who had a negative reaction to the idea of being in that establishment, and especially bringing kids into it. I kinda didn't get it and I laughed. That is not always the best social reaction, trust me; unfortunately it usually happens before my brain engages. I mean, kids eat free on Tuesdays? who can resist that coupled with deep fried hot wings? Maybe I am just too laid back, but it the staff outfits don't bother me. I think we have seen worse outfits at the community pool/beach/television commercial. The one server looked like Amy Winehouse's twin sister, but that was disturbing for a whole other reason.

Maybe Brian just isn't a luster? It's never made me feel uncomfortable. I mean, I know he sees other women in his daily life. The man isn't blind and he acknowledges in his own head and sometimes out loud when a woman is attractive. I can't really fault him for that, it would be so hypocritical. I mean, we did NOT go to see the Fast and the Furious because of its awesome plot, I just liked looking at Vin Diesel for an hour and half. He has that sorta-frightening-badboy- with- a- good-heart thing going. I guess Brian has never done anything that made me feel like in his head I didn't always come out the winner of any beauty contest. I have never felt like I was "less than" in his head compared to another woman, not at hooters or the beach, or anywhere else.

Plus, the place holds some nostalgia. We went several times when John was under a year old. I promise you the boy had a strategy. He would grin at the waitress until she would bend over to oggle him, then he would slip that hand up and grab her, well for lack of a better word "hooters". If you are still young enough to be interested in breasts for their nutrition, those outfits count for "food presentation". To him, it was a well stocked buffet. The stinker.

Maybe I am some abberation of womanhood. I promise I do have boundaries. For example, even though it is Free steak day on Wednesdays at the Strip club down the street, and this appeals to the frugal side of me, we will never go.


Rob said...

Haha that John IS a sly one! And clearly that is the only age at which a guy will get away with that blatant behavior without getting tossed out on their ear. :P

Perhaps I'm just as odd as you here but I admire the fact that kinda go with your gut on things like this. I wish I had a more eloquent way to put that. But I don't and I dig your and Brian's approach to parenting.

Seems like you're raising some well adjusted young-un's that have little tastes of different things here and there, which in brain, seems like it will make for a stronger kid and good family bond.

I know, I know .. I'm compliranting again :)

Rob said...

OH! And congrats on the phone too. Did you get the Blackjack like you'd mentioned?

Jennifer said...

I did! and it is pink! Its arriving tomorrow!

Clarissa said...

I'm glad you got a new phone. Mine is an oldie but a goodie too... I don't have anything fancy (like a camera or tunes); I don't have texting as an option either. It has held up really well, but sometimes I think I'd like the fun little gadgets the newer phones come with. Have fun with your new phone.

Rob said...

Btw Jenn, I really like this post title :) Sounds like some sort of "B" science-fiction movie - very coolio!