Monday, June 15, 2009

Mission Possible at Discovery Green

On Sunday, we headed out with our friends Brandy and her kiddos for the opening ceremony for Mission Possible. The challenge is to visit 8 nature centers in eight weeks. We said "hi" to smokey the bear.

First of all, we had a blast with our friends. Brandy and I somehow managed to wind up with children whose ages AND genders correspond, plus they all adore each other. But now she has cheated, and is about to have another baby :). I will not be able to donate another kid to even things out.

Discovery green was SOOO FUN! They had two water features the kids could play in and a rockingly awesome playground. We will definitely be back.

The mommies were able to find a shady spot and feel the breeze from the water features every once in a while.


H-Mama said...

awwww... this looks like fun! my lil' gracie has the pink swimsuit too. ;)

Rob said...

Nice pictures Jenn! You guys have such fun times! Now. Wouldn't these photos look even much MORE better if knew how to Photoshop them? [stares at phone] ;)


u could always adopt and i would call it even. just something to think about if u want to make it even. HMMMM???? Just trying to come up with a resolution for u. HEHEHE


You could always adopt to even things out Jen. Just trying to help resolve the matter. Am I helping??? HEHEHE

Jennifer said...

Brandy you are