Friday, June 5, 2009

The monster that lurks in the target dressing room

Its the kissing bandit of course. John has been going through quite a phase recently. He only wants to watch slapstick comedy and the kid can recognize a winning line.

The other day we went swim suit shopping at Target for the girls. The benches in the dressing rooms have this hollow hidey-hole bottom. John squeezed into the bottom and started making creepy noises until Chloe came down to investigate what he was up to. He grabbed her, and says "C'mere hot lips, John needs a kiss" and starts smooching on her. Cracked me up!

The girls squealed and tried vainly to convince me that they hated it. Which was hard to believe when they kept going back for more....


Rob said...

Ok that was the best line of 2009 thus far - loved it!a

Jennifer said...

hee hee thank you rob!