Friday, July 3, 2009

Family Hurricane Plan, Part 1: Hotels

As of June 1st Hurricane Season is upon us, UGH! For the past few hurricane seasons my plan has been "if one is headed this way, we will leave and stay San Antonio". Great plan right? Except, then when we do decide to leave, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off! So for this year, I am coming up with a well thought out plan. I have a binder all set up to be our Hurricane folder, and I thought maybe it could be helpful to someone else so I will post it here...

If there is a hurricane our plan is to go to San Antonio. We are pretty familiar with the city, and alot of our memberships to museums and attractions are reciprocal there so we could entertain ourselves on the cheap.

The first decision is the hotel. At first glance, when you look at my list of hotels, you might think, "wow those are kinda pricey". But I have specific reasons why I chose these.
  • They are all in an area of San Antonio I know well. Its a suburban area of town and there is an HEB grocery store, a video rental store, and all kinds of other "normal" nontouristy stores right around the corner.
  • Each of these hotels offers a big complimentary breakfast AND most importantly each of them offers a free "manager's reception" each evening. The manager's reception is a light dinner with tea, juice, beer and wine in the evening. This cuts the price of our stay enormously, feeding our family of five is expensive. We almost always walk out putting down at least 40 bucks. And in stressful times, free wine for mommy can't be a bad thing.
  • Each of these hotels offers a full kitchen complete with cooking implements, dishes, flatwear and a dishwasher. This is a huge money/sanity saver.
  • The hotels I choose are "suite" hotels. This means that they have a living room and a Bedroom with a closing door. This way, the kids can maintain their bedtimes and not get grouchy. When its bedtime I can put them to bed and close the door, and be able to stay up myself without disturbing them.
  • They also have to have a pool, and free WIFI internet.

So the Hotels I chose in order of preference are:

And, since we can't forget our pets, I have put together a list of pet boarding options that are also on that side of town.

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Rob said...

This IS a well thought out plan!

Mine would have been more driving for you, since it would have entailed you all hanging with us in Missouri.

But let's see - breakfasts and dinners are free for you here at our house .. as are places to sleep, and .. pool, check .. room for pets, check .. free internet, check .. full kitchen WITH crock pots, check :)

Stay safe down there! I worry about you guys this time of year. Sounds like you've got everything under control though. If you need anything - give me a jingle - I can have rum overnighted at a moments notice :)