Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Minor Marital Bedroom Foibles

I told Brian "we are like old people married now". He raised an eyebrow quizzically at me. What I meant was that our marriage has some of the qualities of people who have been together for awhile.

Interesting things have happened since Brian and I married. We have these little "things" between us, little oddities that have popped up during our marriage. Nothing major, but those little things that tell you that you are married.

Exhibit A: News from the Pillow war front

There is an ongoing struggle for territory, a good night's sleep, pillows and blankets. Most especially pillows. I have about six pillows I claim as mine. I know it seems excessive, but they are like my children and I couldn't part with a single one.

This picture here is of Brian's pillow. Notice he LABELED it. Which sounds crazy, unless you are married to a pillow coveter. It's that classic case of "the grass is always greener" or rather, "the other guys pillow is always softer". I tend to steal his pillows. Well, really they cry out for me to adopt them, so he labels them now. What really made me laugh was when I decided to play a joke on him and steal it back. I thought I would shove the labeled end into the pillow case so he couldn't tell. But he had labeled BOTH ENDS. Will the paranoia ever stop??!! How could he think that was neccessary!! Sigh, I guess I will just have to short sheet him to get my revenge.....


Terra Howard said...

That is soooo funny. He labeled both smart!!!

Terra Howard said...

That is soooo funny. He labeled both smart!!!

Rob said...

Labeling both ends was brilliant. My buddy Brian clearly has a dizzying intellect.