Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brag on Him

I subscribe to the Blissfully Domestic blog (button at the bottom of the screen) and they did a Brag on him Friday. Its not Friday, and I didn't post this on Friday because on Friday I was way overwhelmed and under energized. Six B12 shots later, I feel a bit more on top of it all and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to post.

I am so proud of my husband, not just because I love him; but because I admire him. I admire the person he is. Most of all, I admire that he does things not because he wants to garner someone else's admiration, or praise, but he does them very simply because they are what he thinks are right.

The other week we were on our way back home from Schlitterbahn. We had gotten some sun, had stayed for HOURS and we were exhausted and hungry. We were coming over the highway and we saw a truck pulled over on the road.

Brian said, "Hey, I am gonna pull over, do you mind?".

I was surprised, frankly, because I had my nose buried pretty deep in my latest book and was trying to fend off the motion sickness that always wants to visit when I read in the car. But of course I said no problem. Brian told me he saw the guy bent down by the tire and he didn't look well. Brian is in law enforcement, so it wasn't a total shock. He has always said he feels like he should stop, its a part of how seriously he takes his job. Plus, he is a safe guy, and having the badge makes people feel more at ease when he does stop.

Brian was right, this poor guy was not well, he was vomiting and couldn't stop. Back cramps had him hunched over and he couldn't stand up at all. He couldn't remain upright for a moment and was obviously in gruesome pain. He kept wanting to get in his truck to drive, but Brian assured him we were in no hurry and we could wait for him to feel better. Thankfully we had a full cooler full of bottled waters and sprite. The guy was a part of our local coast guard. Brian convinced him it would be best to call someone to pick him up and head to the local hospital. Brian helped him call a couple of his coast guard buddies and then waited with him until his friends arrived. His friends were incredibly sweet and none of them were familiar with the area so we were able to give directions. All in all we were there for about an hour at the side of the road.

Were we hungry and tired, yeah... we really were. But I am so glad we stopped, someone needed to stop. I have to say, my heart swells with pride and admiration when I see Brian doing things like this. it isn't the first time, nor will it be the last. The kids were happy in the car watching a movie and we talked about how proud we were of our Daddy. We talked about how we were daddy's "support staff", that he could go and do something so nice for this man because he knew we would support him full tilt.

Brian would never tell anyone this, he didn't do it for that reason. But in a world where so many people are too hyper involved in their own lives to even notice someone who needs help (um, like they are nose deep in a book) I am proud that I am married to the guy who stops and takes the time to help.


H-Mama said...

I love it! THIS is 'church'. ;) So great that your kids got to witness this too.

Rob said...

Good man that Brian guy. I will steal one of his phrases now and say he's "worth knowing" :)