Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Dynamics of Three kids vs. two

My mom and dad have Chloe for a few days (God bless you grandma and grandpa). Today was our first day of having only two kids. Wow, that's a different dynamic. Now, Brian is gone traveling much of the time, and we homeschool. So typically at our house the majority of the time it is me, and the three kiddos all the time. We don't have any breaks where anyone is in school.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love each of my kids, love them dearly. I wouldn't trade a single one, and every once in awhile I imagine what it would be like to have a fourth..... and then the liquor wears off and I sober up. :P

You really wouldn't think that it would be that big of a difference, or a break having one gone. But it is. (So thank you grandparents, its awesome. But I miss her and you have to return her!!!) I have two arms, I have two kids. Wow, that really works. It makes going through the parking lot much less nerve wracking.

Here is what I have learned about having three kids so close together:
  • There are 2 years between the first and second, and only 1 year between the younger two. Everything I have read leads me to believe its alot like having multiples.
  • No decision will ever be unanimous. Much like the Supreme Court, there is always a dissenting opinion, usually a very loud, hysterical one.
  • The competition for my time and attention is fierce. Taking some precautionary alone time with each kid can blunt it a bit, and assuage my guilt; but it's never really gone.
  • Life really isn't fair when you are the middle child. Especially when there are only 12 months between you and your younger brother.
  • More is required of the older child, I have started chucking 20 bucks in the therapy jar for later.
  • I am the minority and they are a majority. I have to be on my toes and it requires a whole lot of advanced prep work to pull off most of our days. I am usually a very laid back person, but I have had to become a bit of an orginizational gestapo for us just to survive.
  • Statistically speaking, on any outing, someone will need a change of clothes, a snack, a bottle of water, or medication, shoes (yeah, seriously, SHOES how do you lose your shoes?) You should see the Emergency box I have packed in the trunk of the van. I will have to post what I stash in there some time.
  • The laundry seems to grow exponentially with each child. I do laundry every single stinking day, and I rarely can ever declare it "done".
  • We can actually get sick, pass it around one by one, and it can make it back to the original "carrier monkey" and reinfect them. Cold and flu seasons suck for us.
  • I have never, ever, gotten rid of the pregnancy brain fog. It might have something to do with never being able to have a complete thought uninterrupted. In a few years, I suppose we can just start calling it early dementia... how charming.
There are so many pluses. One of the best is that my kiddos are such good friends. Up until this year, they all slept in the same bed like puppies (even though they had their own). Half the time they still do in my room when dad is traveling. It makes my heart sigh to see them all curled up hugging each other.


H-Mama said...

Your kids are so sweet, Jenn!

Yes, that stinking laundry!! It is never 'done'!

Jennifer said...

Awww, thank you H Mama, I wholeheartedly agree!

Yours are special girls too.

Rob said...

My favorite part was "I have to be on my toes and it requires a whole lot of advanced prep work".

Just sounded like each morning you're planning a bank job wherein the kids are the guards and the loot, hidden in the vault behind them, is an organized peaceful day :)

Maggie May said...

I love the quotes you have underneath your children's pictures. Lovely!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Maggie!

Anonymous said...

Great post, though I only have 2 I know how strange it feels when I just have one, like suddenly everything is super easy. Only 1 set of anything to remember.

Jennifer said...

I know, its really something isn't it? I also kept looking for the missing child, it messed up my counting!