Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boyhood in Bloom

Today we did a totally impromptu play date with some friends. It was awesome. John has been experiencing what can only be described as the full flush of his boyhood blooming. Up until recently, he was a bit androgynous. Yeah, he played with trucks, but he would also dress up like a princess with the girls. (PS, John, if you are reading this when you are older... you totally loved it and it doesn't qualify as abuse).

Suddenly, really just over the past few months, we have been in the midst of a pink-hating, chest beating, yelling, plastic gun toting, "I live to annoy my sisters and make them scream", crotch scratching, mom ignoring man fest.

You can imagine how well this has fit into homeschooling. I have a huge resource pool to pull from parenting the girls.... with boys, not so much. I got some great advice from my friend, Terra. She is the mom of three very manly men. And she gave some great advice, mostly it was to treat him like a little man. Try to use charm and subtlety to bend him to my ways and LOTS and LOTS of physical playtime before we ask him to sit still. Guess what? it worked, look who joined us for schooltime today?

We went over to the splashpad and then over to her house this morning, and John cheered when he heard where we were heading. Her place is a little boy wonderland! When we had to leave, he cried.. lol. Clearly, I need to invest in a bit more hardcore boy stuff.


Rob said...

Awesome! A guy has to have his man-time too.

There is a book (I can nearly see your nerd-ears perk up) entitled "The Dangerous Book for Boys". Lots of manly activities in there to do. You even get to build an air canon :)

Terra Howard said...

It's so rare that I am in a position to give advice..even more rare someone would take it & apply it. Glad I was able to help. Who knew my 3 foul-smelling, testosterone drenched, gun blazing boys would come in THIS handy? Of course you know this means I get to borrow Emma & Chloe right? It's only fair..

Terra Howard said...

It's so rare that I'm in a position to be able to give advice. Even more rare that it'a followed. I was so happy to help. Good to know my foul smelling, testosterone-drenched little men could be of service. Of course you know what this means? I get to borrow Emma & Chloe right? It's only fair..

Jennifer said...

Rob, I am going to have to check that book out. Maybe those can be our "boy crafts".

Terra, It is only fair. Emma keeps reminding me that you don't get enough girl hugs, lol.