Monday, August 24, 2009

God has a purpose for me....

Our devotional this morning was really fun. We have been using a veggie tales devotional book and the theme for this morning was God's purpose. But I really liked the way that they presented the material, the devotional was focused on how the things that you do can make the people around you feel. They concentrated on telling other people about the nice things you think about them. One of the exercises was to think about each member of your family and say one nice thing you think about them, and then you were supposed to tell a nice thing about yourself. Funny how that is always the hardest part isn't it?

This pic is a snapshot of the huge hugs that went around as we all gave our compliments.

Emma's List
Daddy: is funny
Mom: plans lots of fun
Chloe: loveable and loyal
John: is full of good ideas***
Emma: Sweet and Understanding

Chloe's List
Daddy: Helps us solve problems
Mommy: Takes care of us
John: Comforts me at night (they share a room)
Emma: is Understanding
Chloe: Loyal and Spunky

We realized at the end of this how important it is not just to think it, but to take the time to say it outloud or write it down. We decided as a family to create an "interfamily mail delivery system" so that we can pass notes to each other each day.

*** Yeah, so lately John and Emma have been some kind of naughty destruction force trying to force me right over the edge! Last night John was egged on to take a leak on mom and dad's bed... YIKES! So while Emma sees that as a blessing in her life, Mom might have a different notion of that.

Check out what we did in school today:
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Rob said...

Cool post! We are a big fan of Veggie Tales. Personally I'm a huge fan of Mr Lunt's Cheeseburger song.

H-Mama said...

very cute idea! ;)