Monday, August 10, 2009

Sew Nerdy

I am so thrilled with this pattern. I have this problem with sewing (and other things in life) where if I see the finished project I can work backwards from there. However, if you give me all the pieces and a set of directions, I am SO LOST. This alone is the reason my husband has had to put together all of our IKEA furniture.

Many of the patterns I pick up are almost too detailed. Its like those directions from google maps that say "Make a slight right" except you aren't really turning at all, they are just overly detailed. I get lost every time with those.

Most of what I have sewn, I did by making my own patterns. However, I swooned over this one by Kwiksew, and rightly so. I felt like Dora at the end, I wanted to sing the "We did it!" song. It was awesome, just the right amount of instruction.

Unfortunately, it inspired me to buy a bunch more fabric, so now I have a bunch of dresses to make. The girls want to be "twins".


Rob said...

Wow great looking job! Very nice! Congrats on how it turned out. Do you make business casual dockers and button-down shirts too? I'm looking for a tailor :) We can trade work. I'll build you custom furniture for clothes :P


so cute, jealous. wish i could sew.