Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I thought boys were made of snails, snakes and puppy tails.... not needles and emergency rooms

I usually don't believe God makes mistakes... but I might not be cut out for mothering boys....

This is part two of yesterday's post. Because I had only managed three hours of sleep the night before, Brian told me to go and lay down for a bit before dinner. I was just about to nod off when I heard John crying and Brian's voice. Maybe it was maternal instinct, but I knew something was wrong. I came out to John bleeding from a deep slice in his finger right through a big washcloth. Thank God Brian had it all under control cause as I mentioned in my previous post, I am not good at managing my emotions when I haven't had sleep. True to form, I sank down crying against the cabinet and generally made myself completely useless.

Just two months ago John had stitches in his forehead, and the doctor wasn't careful to make sure he was numb before he started sewing. So John, who realized that this was probably going to require stitches, was hysterical. We couldn't talk to him at all. By now, I collected myself up off the floor and started trying to locate our nearest urgent care clinic.

When we got there, the doctor gave us the good news that he could use the glue, and John had missed severing his tendon. So, a MUCH relieved John even managed to smile for crazy mommy and her ever present camera. Nothing says lovin' than your mother documenting all your ER visits.

Here he is all wrapped up!

The girls were so worried about John, but were kinda glad they came along when I pulled the organic lollipops out of my purse for everyone to celebrate John's good health!

I of course went home to clean the crime scene up. John spent some time in the bathroom trying to "fix" himself and, well, it looked like a murder had taken place in there. I still haven't managed to get all the blood out of the carpet.


H-Mama said...

oh my! poor baby! bless your heart!

Keeling said...

Awww poor little guy--Jack has made several trips to the ER also. The last one was a broken foot :(

Fred said...

You and my mother have alot in common. I had stitches 4 times when I was boy. All of them around my eyes, (twice in one eyebrow, once in the other, and again on an eyelid). I think it was the last one that almost did my Mom in. I came real lucky in that I didn't lose my eye. Talk about having a guardian angel looking out for me. Glad to see everything came out ok.