Friday, April 10, 2009

Disney's Beauty and the Beast at Miller Outdoor Theater

We went to see the Broadway Show performance of Beauty and beast at Miller Outdoor Theater last night. Emma was practically hyperventilating she was so excited. Chloe was funny about it. She has been funny about so many things lately..... Here is how the conversation went

C: Mommy, how many songs will there be?
Me: Ah, I dunno Chloe... I'm not sure how much of the performance they will do.
C: I don't want them to sing five songs. I don't like that many songs. I think I want to go home.
Me: Chloe, we are a family, a team, and we don't split up. So you are stuck here, I am sorry.
C: I want to go home, I may not like it, I don't want to stay.
  • chloe cries
  • mommy and daddy try to talk her down off the ledge for 20 minutes and convince her of so much fun this will be.
  • chloe continues crying
  • wash, rinse repeat 45 times
  • the curtain goes up, chloe stops crying and starts giggling
On the way home the conversation went like this.....

Me: Okay everyone what was your favorite thing today?
Brian: The Komodo Dragon, I still can't believe he is named smog.
Emma: Toby the Red Panda
John: snores, he was already passed out
Chloe: Hey Mommy, you know what was my favorite part? I like the zoo, and the train was fun, but my very favorite part was Beauty and the Beast.
Much laughter ensues

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