Monday, April 27, 2009

Golden Dragon Acrobats 4/22

We decided to go and see the Golden Dragon Acrobats at Miller Outdoor Theater. The kids and I went early in the day to get the passes for Ticketed seating at 11am. I have never seen the line that long for any performance. I wrapped around the building. But the kids were troopers, by 11:45 we had our tickets and we went to ride the train and check on Toby the red panda at the zoo. Our kids are quite concerned for Toby and how is adjusting to life in the zoo. The day was beautiful and we had a blast.

After dinner, we left with Daddy in tow to Miller Outdoor theater. As we drove in the clouds were building. I felt downright smug that I had the forethought to get us covered seating. That should really be my first clue. Whenever I start to get smug about things, fate feels a need to intervene.

We stopped at Starbucks for the kids first Starbucks experience. I know its a little weird, but I am a little fanatic about the brand. It was my favorite job EVER! I was so excited about introducing them to starbucks.

By the time we got to Miller it was raining, lightening, and thundering. We found our seats under the roof. The place was packed out. I was FLOORED, there were people in the middle of a lightening storm, a whole lot of people sticking it out on the uncovered lawn. They are made of way tougher stuff than me. I was freaking out about the moist mist that drifted by me every once in awhile frizzing my hair.

Unfortunately, all that rain was dumping on our area of town too and we ended up passing about an hour and half in a parking lot waiting for the water to go down so we could get home. It wasn't so bad, we just watched some movies while we waited.

The kids LOVED the show, they stayed awake and alert the entire time. They talked about it for the entire rest of the week. It really was a breathtaking performance. There were all kinds of acrobatic tricks, but it had the beauty of a ballet. You just can't beat that for free entertainment. Now, if I can just get the kids to stop trying to make a tower out of my dining room chairs to climb for their grande finale......


H-Mama said...

Love it! So glad you guys had a great time even though the weather was not wanting to cooperate. ;)

Heather said...

Awesome! You guys go to the neatest things. :) Glad it worked out and you had fun.