Monday, April 27, 2009

The festival of John

So in our family birthdays are alot like Hanukkah, they seem to go on for days and days...

Yesterday we went to Schlitterbahn for John's Birthday part deux. We brought along our cousins and Stephanie and her boyfriend met us there. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures, Brian pointed out that cameras and water parks don't really mix and I could hardly argue with that. After I almost dropped it in a pool, I put it away.

We have been having a blast with our seasons pass to schlitterbahn. Emma and John are Adrenaline junkies!!! Oh my goodness!!!! Emma went on a slide that is a sheer drop from 81 feet at 40 miles per hour. AND SHE WANTED TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!

Chloe overcame her fear of rides, and rode several of the waterslides. Which left lonely old me on the lazy river..... all the kids have abandoned me for the adrenaline factor.


H-Mama said...

wow. really. wow. my girlie girls would never drop 8 ft (much less 81 feet!). glad you had a chance to relax on the lazy river. ;)

rainbowmummy said...

Happy Birthday John!!

Rob said...

Ok first off I really, really like your post title ... funny stuff :) And second of all, I think that John is very fortunate to have such a cool family around him as he learns and grows - and partys :P

Heather said...

[Sigh] Yes, I know only too well that cameras and water don't mix. Right, Rob? :P

The last time we went to Six Flags and went near the water rides, I purchased one of those disposable waterproof cameras just for that trip. Worked out pretty well.

Can't wait til we move down there and the kids can have fun - and we can just sun. ;-)

Sounds like a wonderful day.

Fred said...

The schlitterbahn is "the BAHN". Great and fun place. Now I gotta find a way back to TX.

Jennifer said...

We have been having such a blast! Every day this week John has woken up and asked if we are going to "Witterbahn"? When I say no, he falls out and cries.

H Mama, I can't believe it either... shock is the only reaction I could find.

Rob Thank you..

Fred, I will save ya an arm chair!

H-Mama said...

me again! i just wanted you to know that i gave you an award. ;)