Monday, May 4, 2009

Miller Outdoor Theater/Zoo/Train ride

Today we went to Miller Outdoor Theater to see Romeo and Juliet, the zoo, and rode the train. This mama is exhausted!

We went with our friends Terra and Rowan to see Romeo and Juliet. it was really cool, I would recommend it to anyone with kids. The performance was about an hour of the opera version of the play. I had anticipated letting the kids play on the hill with bubbles, but they stayed put and really enjoyed the performance.

After that we rode the train. Its always a favorite.

Then we went to the zoo. Emma told me that the lion has chest hair just like daddy (yeah, I know Brian....sorry).

The kids had a blast, and the girls wore the dresses and twirly skirt I made them. Its goofy, but I love seeing them wear what I make.


H-Mama said...

Looks like fun! Great job on the dresses, Mom!

Melanie said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! I love the outfits you made the girls too!

Rob said...

You take much better pics of the Lions than I can ever get at our zoo - nice job! And very good work on the dresses too! Impressive. Most impressive.