Friday, January 22, 2010

Nutritional Update

So I have been doing research, trying to get a grip on all the new eating plan information. If you didn't already know, I talk about the whys here. I am pretty overwhelmed over here.

When I googled "no soy, no sugar, no sugar substitute, no gluten, no dairy recipes" I half expected my computer to burst into laughter. Instead, the first search result it brought up was for the hypoallergenic food magazine Living Without. Not exactly a message of hope there. Living without .... taste? Living without ...flavor? Gee, we couldn't come up with a more inspiring name?

I talked with the kids about the changes, and the response was unenthusiastic. Yeah, I am glossing over that a bit. Emma was pretty zen with it, she loves fruit and veggies but she will miss dessert. John only had one question, "Can I still have bacon?" and since he can, he was happy.

Chloe though, my darling Chloe is much like her Mama, she loves the breads and the dairy. Once I broke through the shock and disbelief, she laid down on the carpet and cried. Then she got angry. I can't remember what the next stage of grief is, but its probably headed my way. I personally am praying for quiet acceptance. This is hard, even though I know it is for everyone's good, it's hard to temporarily disappoint them.

Anyway we have decided to adopt it as well as we can, focusing on one phase at a time. I have tried to make the menu full of things I know the kids will like, lots of new tastes to try and always a dessert. Our first phase out is going to be bread/crackers/gluten. Ouch. But I have managed to pull a menu together for the next week, which feels epic right now.


H-Mama said...

That's amazing. I understand the challenge of change. It's hard. You guys can do it. That's quite an amazing menu! You just forgot to mention what time you are serving?? Kidding... I won't show up unannounced. I'll call first. ;)

Thanks for the menu help! :)

Brenda said...

Oh Jennifer. That is the saddest tale I have ever heard. Doesn't it go....denial, something something something, acceptance. I'm not sure where laying on the carpet crying fits. Poor baby.

John and the bacon? Awesome.

I know this is overwhelming. If only we could go back in time and visit the garden of Eden. God made it so simple and we have complicated the heck out of it.

Jennifer said...

I know, I would love to just stroll through the orchards to pick out dinner God made.

Rob said...

Found a site you might like that could provide some recipe ideas. Good one for soup on here I shall try soon.

And for the soup ...

Rob said...

Ok just to keep this thread going I also found a website that helps with meal planning and also will take into account food allergies, etc ... pretty stinkin sweet really..