Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A whole new way of looking at dinner

We went to the pediatrician today. Hormone disorders run pretty thick on the female side of my family, and they are beginning to show up with the girlies too. Our doctor recommended a nutritional therapy that includes:
  • no sugars or sweeteners of any kind, absolutely no artificial sweetners.
  • no dairy at all (nunca, nun, nein. how will I cream my coffee???? And no, I didn't ask her about caffeine, I'm pretty sure I don't wanna know the answer. )
  • no soy or replacement dairy
  • no breads or white rice
  • no flour or wheat products
I KNOW in my heart this is absolutely the way we should go, but implementing it feels overwhelming. I mean, I think we just threw out my entire pantry and all my emergency "feed the kids quick" foods. I don't even wanna think about trying to pack a lunch or snacks. I just kept thinking to myself, "well, at least she say we had to eat everything raw, I can still cook". But I have a feeling baking is out for a bit.

When we first started the Feingold plan, with no additives, artificial colors and flavors that felt overwhelming too, but after a few tears (mostly on my part, in the middle of the grocery store reading food lables) we have been successful and better for it. I am pretty sure we can be sucessful with this as well, but I think I will have to take each bullet point and master it every few weeks.

So, my friends.. If you have any gluten free, dairy free, sweetner free recipes you have been hiding. PLEASE, for the love of everything holy, share them with me.


Rob said...

Ouch. I remember how last year I gave up all carbs/sweeteners for 3 weeks and when I told you about it you simply said, "oh my god".

It sounds like your doc has pretty much told you the same thing though. Except for keeps?


There are tons of recipes out there for South Beach Diet and stuff like that which don't include any of the things you mentioned.

But eating like that forever sounds pretty non-funnish. It's the devil :P

Jennifer said...

Yeah, White sugar might be my own form of heroin... this should be a blast. However, I know its for our good, so maybe that will make it easier?

Rob said...

Yeeeeeah .. it's all gonna be fiiine and totally easy. Cutting out an entire food group and giving up all forms of sweet things should be a snap. Ahem.

Its like the doc just told you, "And no more happiness" :)

We cook for our dog now. All meat and veggies - could send a care package down your way ... just had to razz ya!