Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wii Game Review: Squeeballs

Full Disclosure statement: I got nothing from Nintendo for this review (and what's up with that Nintendo?, throw some free games my way!). I schlepped myself to the store and paid with my own cash.

I think this one falls into the category of "party game". (We are new to Wii) This is a series of 150 mini games (see below for the types) that are just addictively fun. These types of games are perfect for our kids (ages 7, 5 and 4). They aren't serious gamers yet, and going from mini game to mini game appeals to their attention spans. We laughed the ENTIRE time we played these games. These squeeballs have personality. This has been one of the games that gets the most play around here.

The inside booklet tells you the story, "Squeeballs are toys made on a secret island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Before they can be sold, they must be tested: Only the best Squeeballs make it off the island. You are the tester -- slice them, dice them, inflate them! Test them to destruction." Its quirky and cute. The squeeballs are little smarty pants and if you miss then, they laugh at you. Actually they downright heckle you. The only part of the game that approaches disturbing would be when you grind the squeeballs into sausages to feed to El Toro. However, the sense of hilarity won out with us and we remembered them heckling us when we missed them in bowling! Ha-Ha, Karma Squeebals, Karma!

A nice feature is that the game can be played by up to four people, but you only need one wii remote. Its a very affordable title at about 29.00.

The games offered are in the following categories:
  • 10 pin bowling and bowling with twist (over lava, jumping from boulder to boulder).
  • cannon fodder: you lauch the squeeballs out of a cannon.
  • Cooking: alot like "cooking mama" you are cooking up the squeeballs for El Toro.
  • Paint by squeeballs: you launch the squeeballs from a sligshot at the paper.
  • shocker
  • stampede
  • feeding frenzy
  • pump the squeeball with air
  • golf
  • the squeeball testing belt.

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