Friday, February 20, 2009

A day in the Life

Brian and Emma went out for some special time today. They went to see "Coraline". I suspected it was probably a bit much for the youngers, so they hung with me.

John endured Mommy's first attempt at a haircut. I spiked it blue as a consolation prize. It looks okay, but I dont like those stupid ear guides, it looks weird, next time I will just freehand it.

He has been going through an interesting phase. Somehow when he was sick he learned that if he sounded pathetic, I would do anything for him. I tried so hard to keep that info from the kids. He has been following me through the house whining for whatever he wants, we are so going to have to work on this.

Here is a recent conversation.....
John: Is my favorite mommy making me chocolate chip cookies

Me: ah, no John, I put banana bread in the oven.


Me: Sorry, mommy isn't making cookies today.

John: I HATE YOU, I WANT DADDY, I WANT COOKIES!!! (wash, rinse, repeat)

I told him to go in his room if he couldn't be polite. Then went in and found him curled up asleep... when he woke up lo and behold he was excited about banana bread.

Chloe is back home after spending a few days with Grandma and Grandpa. We missed her so much. Emma and John were excited the first night she was gone and they got all the attention, but by the second they were crying because they missed her. I love that they are so close....


Rob said...

You have the cutest buncha kids! :) Love the hairdo too! And be forewarned, it appears from what you wrote that your young padawan may be trying to use his Jedi mind tricks on ol' mom.

rainbowmummy said...

Well done on the hair cut, I attempted to cut Eggs hair when he was a baby.....that's all I am saying.

I agree, cutest buncha kids ever!