Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy V-Day to all our family and friends. I hope that you are overwhelmed with hugs and kisses

This is what my adorable husband left me on our mirror. It was awesome. I woke up and felt loved, which was nice, because I still smell a little like vomit... and a man who can love you through that is a keeper.

Yesterday was friday the 13th, and it was also the night Brian had off from work, so we made reservations and babysitting plans for the kids. Next time we will know better than to make big plans of Friday the 13th. I am not usually superstitious, but even I think there might be something to it. Of course John got sick, and not sick in a way you can hide with a little decongestant, he couldn't even hold down a mouthful of water. It was awful, the poor baby. Anytime the kids are sick like this its terrible, mostly because I am a sympathetic vomiter. It makes the situation a whole lot worse.

Just so you know I am not the meanest mom in the world who drags out the camera when the kids are sick, He wanted to take a picture for Daddy. Brian and I both were super worried about him last night, and John and I thought a nice picutre would help. He couldn't keep down any medication last night or any water and his fever was so high it was getting scary. We finally were able to coax him into a tsp of water every 15 minutes after I dug into the phenergan supplies.

he must be feeling better today because he has been so ornery today, and for some reason wants to go to "the store"? Its bizarre because normally he hates the store. If he keeps improving I promised a quick car trip to get Madagascar 2. Meanwhile this morning, the girls were busy building "tent city" in our living room.


Rob said...

It's so weird how fast kids can bounce back from scaring the crap out of us parents isn't it? When I was little like that, I was sick all the time. I'm sure my mom considered buying me a bubble to live in.

Looking back, I remember that after being the vomit comet (which I love that term you use) .. the first thing I'd want as I got better? Pizza. Crazy.

And even crazier was the sickness junk would just turn off like a faucet and I'd bounce up off the couch, feeling much better and wanting to do stuff. I'd still be tired and draggy, not totally myself. But it came on fast, got super scary, then went away fast.

Glad John is feeling better! I know its scary not being able to snap your fingers and take all the bad feelings away when the kids are sick.

Melanie said...

So glad John is feeling better! I hate it when kids get sick.