Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What happens when the waiter takes too long

Last night Brian decided to pamper me and take me out for dinner, .... with four children. It was awesome, we went to Red Lobster, which happens to be the place we have gone for so many of our special events. It was where we went to eat after we eloped at the courthouse.

John hadn't had a bath in recent memory, so it seemed like a good idea to bathe him since he was starting to outstink the dog. How did things get this way? He likes baths as much as our cat. So I threw him in the shower and held the door shut until he got wet enough to shampoo his hair. So for about 15 minutes he screamed at me in the shower, and then for another 10 minutes after. Again like the cat, he holds a grudge. Five minutes into our restaurant trip, he feel asleep from sheer exhaustion.

The waiter was a little slow this the service, and so I lent the kids my camera for something to do, which is how I got the Chloe montage

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