Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny Sayings at our house

We have been busy, and kinda sick lately. So the writing has been kinda scarce, but the material from the kids just keeps coming.

At the dinner table...
Emma: That was yummy, I want to eat more, but I am too full.
Chloe: Just go to the bathroom Emma, then you will have more room.
(and we dont even LET them watch the Simpsons, I swear)

Our lessons on patience this week (you can read about them here).
Chloe: Mom, I'm a lost cause, I have NO patience.
Me: I know Chloe, that's why we are going to try to grow the little bit we all have.
Chloe: But mom, I don't think you have much either.
Me: Gee, thanks Chloe.

After a sibling spat
Emma: Moooooommmmm, Chloe is making me not be patient and she is doing it on purpose.

John: Mom, those girls won't listen to me. Can I have a brother?


rainbowmummy said...

LMAO. You can borrow Egg for a week and then ask ohn if he thinks a brother would listen to him, ha!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I am not sure where he got the idea that a brother would listen to him any better. but i can sympathize, the poor guy lives in girlie world where everything is fluffy, pink, and a little hyper emotional.

Rob said...

That's funny stuff lady! I really liked Chloe's patience comment; made me laugh out loud!

Btw, Josh sure is hoping for a brother when the baby is born here :)