Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time out

So we have found ourselves of late battling with the stomach flu. We were not victorious, leaving us house bound for about a week. I should be bothered by these circumstances, but instead I almost enjoy it. Not in a Munchhausen frightening way. Left to my own devices, I would cloister myself up in my house, leaving only for brief trips to the library and bookstore. I possess the tools to be social. (well, I hope I do. I suppose that is a little bit like telling someone you are funny. Its probably best recognized by someone else.) But I find the most peace, the most balance when I am alone with my family, no social entanglements pressing in and reminding me to hurry up, get ready. I almost resent the intrusions.

Somehow this separation and quiet allows me to feel as though I am more present and connected with the little nuances of my life. I treasure the scent of my children right after a bath, that mix of soap and the outdoors we were not quite able to scrub off them. How they like to snuggle like wet noodles, the warm bath having soaked away their energy stores. I love the clamor they create in anticipation of dinner. Watching their faces drawn in rapt attention at a favorite show. The jokes they tell each other and the belly laughs body noises incite. The questions they ask about death, life, and love. The blooming of their imagination at play. I love that my children are so authentically and unapologetically themselves and they don't even realize it's not the norm yet. In those moments, they take me with them, transported back to a simpler time where imagination was reality, the simplest things the most valuable.


Rob said...

Nice post Jenn. I like the way you think.

And for my part, I relate to the staying at home thing, particular how you said how you "almost resent the intrusions". I can really relate there.

Like you, I don't *think* I'm anti-social but I just have a close circle of compadres and thats ok by me. (Yeah you're in there so no, you'll never be a bother).

Jennifer said...

That is good to know Rob. I think I am starting to wax sentimental in my old age.

Stephanie said...

After a busy day or two with friends, I fee relieved when we come home and have no plans for a week.
I sigh into my home and children and love the "no pressures/ no hurries" feeling.

I probably leave the house more in a season (month?) with the babes than I did in all my twelve adult years before children. :)

Beautifully expressed, Jennifer.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much Stephanie. Nice to know there are more of us closet hermits out there!