Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Driven to Distraction

Okay, I don't normally delve into journalistic endeavors here; But this article affected me. These situations happen with greater frequency and the reason is glaring and obvious to me. As a society and as parents we are absolutely driven to distraction. Email, Blackberries, laptops, cell phones, finances, jobs, relationships, activities all demand our time. They don't politely linger asking, they barge in and demand our attention. It is no longer that we could, if we had to, multi-task. We are almost expected, or required to multi-task every hour of the day. We don't even sleep as much as our parent's generation. This frantic pace we have set to life is inhuman and my cybernetic implants are taking a long time to ship from ebay. I can't keep up, and I am not sure I even want to.

I can't imagine the overwhelming grief and guilt that these parents experience. I find it difficult to imagine anything that could be done to these parent that would be worse than what has already happened to them. How can you possibly be more distraught than you would be every morning when you viewed that empty chair at the breakfast table, or the empty bed every evening? It seems redundant, and cruel to consider criminal charges; especially for those that have other children who would experience both the loss of a parent and the death of a sibling.

It should beg the question of the rest of us.... how distracted are we as a society? as an individual?


Melanie said...

That is such a heatbreaking article! All I can say is that I agree those parents have suffered an unimaginable loss and it is unjust to prosocute them on top of what they are already suffering. I hope and pray that each one of them is able to find some shred of peace and self-forgiveness.

Jennifer said...

I know, I can't imagine trying to struggle through that, or ever living after it. The only time I think prosecuting the parents would be if they were doing it with intent. Like leaving their kids in the car for some kind of bizarre daycare, or punishment.

Rob said...

I think it speaks to our society's "distractednsss" that there is even the thought of prosecuting them on top of what they are experiencing. As a whole we seem to have lost touch with truly caring about other people and what they are experiencing.

So I agree with Melanie there definitely. Let those people grieve, let them heal what they can in their lives. They are certainly enduring more than enough pain. To punish them publicly would be simply cruel and unfeeling.