Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wildlife Park Field Trip

We had such a good time today at the wildlife park. We got there a bit early (unprecedented, I was thrilled!). One of the animal keepers let us know that they had just had a baby giraffe last night! The news crews were on their way out, it was very exciting news.

We went into the petting zoo portion and ran into this momma pig... poor thing... It reminded me of when I was nursing and pregnant at the same time, I felt like mine dragged on the ground too...

Then we went on the tram ride to feed the animals out of buckets.. it was so much fun.

My favorite moment of the day... Chloe had dropped her bucket for the second time. The first time I had given her my bucket of food, but there were no more available. She was especially embarrassed because the little boy behind us had pointed out that she had dropped hers twice. Emma reached over and gave Chloe a hug and said, "Here Chloe, you can have mine, I got to feed lots of animals already and I can help John." It was the sweetest thing. I love it when they do these things without any encouragement from me. It makes it very authentic.

EVERYBODY loved the pony rides!!!! I love days like these, it feels like we are on vacation, just having so much fun.

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Rob said...

Thats got to be the second biggest pig I've ever seen .. but it'll have to do.

This looks like a really nice animal park. Sorry to hear about that keeper having a giraffe .. that's gotta hurt ... plus just the SOUNDS of stretching .. whew.

Bassett hound.