Friday, March 20, 2009

Face Paint Fridays and Moody Gardens

I had promised to paint the kiddos faces for days. Today I lived up to it. They were so thrilled. John went around all day hissing. He was a sneaky snake. Emma told me she was afraid they would kidnap her into the penguin pin.

After we were properly painted, we headed for Moody Gardens. It was a blast, we renewed our membership there. I was glad we did, they are raising the rates in a few months.

John looked at me during the visit and said with SUCH a straight face,"Mommy, they are staring at me because I am such a handsome boy". (this is what I tell him all the time). I died laughing and agreed of course. We had such a great day. Everyone had a great time and we had lots of good memories at the end of the day.


Melanie said...

Terrific job on the facepainting! I am glad ya'll had such a great time!

Rob said...

Cool facepainting! Sounds like a great day!