Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Super Robot Monkey Cheap Fun

So no, we did not adopt a chimp, we are waiting till the media storm dies down to do that. I figure once the children leave home I may go a little crazy and need company. Really, I have been having a good time this week turning every day things into amine titles. Now that I get an eyeroll from Brian instead of a chuckle its time to blog it!

Okay so we ran out of dishwashing machine detergent. In our house this is when I start to shout "code red". I usually run at least two cycles of dishes every single day, I have to. Now that we have started making everything from scratch I run through just about every dish in the house daily. Having already changed into my "work" attire of pajamas, I really didn't wanna run out. So I decided to make my own dishwasher machine detergent. I have a thrifty buddy who sent me the recipe not to long ago. I expected it to be barely adequate, which was okay for tonight. SHOCKER! It actually was so much better than my normal cascade!!! It is dirt cheap, and I know all the ingredients that go into it. So I'm sharing.

3 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
3 Tablespoons of Borax
3 tiny droplets of Dawn (not a squeeze, not even a full drop)

Cram it all into your soap cup and close it.

Then put vinegar into the rinse dispenser (you know, where you could put the jet dry)

Jessica Simpson and I have adult acne. Mine is hormonally related (oh joy). The only thing that has worked to keep my face clear, also happens to be wicked cheap. Tea tree oil is an antiseptic, and it moisturizes. I am allergic to just about anything else....

I use neutrogena face wash
then put tea tree oil on a cotton ball and swab it all over my face.
Then I take witchhazel and swab it all over my face.

Witchhazel is cheaper than potting soil, and I can get a humongous bottle of tea tree that will last me almost a year for about 7 bucks. I haven't found anything that will pry me away from my Olay regenerist moisturizer. But I am on the lookout.

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Rob said...

First let me start by joining my pal Brian in giving you a healthy /eyeroll for that title ... ready? ... /eyeroll :)

I'm SO gonna try this detergent recipe while Heather is gone to Iowa this weekend! Thanks for the tip, this looks good ... and I'm all about frugal facts like this one!