Thursday, March 5, 2009

Packages are fun

Today Chloe's bday gift came in the mail. We ordered her Thundarr the Barbarian toys... Ookla, Princess Ariel, and Thundarr.

As always the kids had the most fun with the packaging....

Chloe wrote "cat" on the box and loaded it up with toys for BeBe the cat, she told me she was the kitty UPS woman.

Emma used the label as a "repair man" badge, and fixed chloe's box.

Then they put the cat in......


Rob said...

Omg, Thundarr toys?!?! What COOL parents these kids have :) And yep, as usual the box is the thing that inpires the most imagination ... weird right? That's a universal hard-wired-kid-thing I suppose.

Love the part where the kids packed up the cat .. too funny!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, we kinda rock.. LOL

They love the boxes so much though, If I were selfish I would just order stuff for me and give them my boxes as toys!

Didja know they have Herculoid toys too... ??

Rob said...

Actually I'd never checked on either the Thundarr toys or Herculoid toys. But I should. With this next kid on the way, I'll need to keep things like that in mind. Thundercats would be another good one to check on ... hmmm ... toddles off to Ebay humming "Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder cats ..."