Saturday, March 14, 2009

Schlitterbahn Family Fun

We went to Schlitterbahn today to buy our annual passes, and it was almost surreal. Outside the temperature was in the fifties and it was on and off again misty and rainy. Its not the sort of day that just screams swimming. It was unnaturally cold for Texas in March. Of course last week it was in the eighties all week.

We got our swimsuits on underneath our sweaters and when we went outside we could see our breath. The kids found this absolutely hysterical. The whole day had this feel to it as though we were getting something over on Mother Nature. Until May it is the indoor heated part of the park that is open.

Brian tried to take all the kids on the big twisty tube waterslides that are several stories up in the air. John and Emma were the only takers, my little adrenaline junkies. They loved them. Chloe loved the more sedate slides that were a little closer to the ground. She and I also LOVED the torrent river. You float along in your float, and every once in a while a big wave slaps you around. We floated around it so much I still have that feeling even I as I write that I am in the current.

We came home exhausted in that way that only a day of water fun can make you. It was so much fun, we are making it a regular stop on our family fun schedule.


Melanie said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! I had no idea they had a heated area there. We may have to go check it out. Kelsie loved the slides at Moody Gardens last year!

Rob said...

You guys look c-c-c-c-c-cold ... but like you had fun :) It looks like a really awesome place. Thanks as always for sharing pics! Wish we coulda been there to join ya!