Monday, October 19, 2009

Asthma Rollercoasters

Our allergy/seasonal cold we were dealing with has spiraled downward into asthma madness for Chloe. Serious asthma madness. I don't think that we have had an incident this serious since Chloe was three.

She can't even make it for the three hours until the next nebulizer treatment. She has coughed so much that she dry heaves and her sides hurt. It is just not a good feeling to not be able to breathe. Plus all the medicines make her so jittery she gets the shakes. So she isn't sleeping much.

Of course all this happens during a very busy schedule for Brian, so I am getting like maybe two hours of sleep a night (Oh look! is that a pink Llama in the living room?) The other two kids are also on the tail end of the cold/allergy thing.

On the positive side of things, I have a new coffee buddy in the morning. Coffee is one of those home remedies for asthma, so Chloe has been having some with me in the mornings. Let's just say that these days mommy is powered by grit, tears, and a whole lot of coffee. We curl up in my bed to watch cartoons and drink our coffee. She told me, "This is good mommy, I could get used to this". Oddly enough, it doesn't make her any more hyper, I think we may have hit the glass ceiling on the jitters with all the medications. Putting her in the shower to breathe in the steam works too... so at least we are clean? even if we are hallucinating from lack of sleep?


H-Mama said...

Bless your heart! Poor baby!! (((hugs)))

Rob said...

Asthma is terrible. I feel so bad for her (though as of this comment I'm hoping she's better by now). It's so hard to explain how scary that is to those who "don't get it". She sounds like a real trooper though. Brave girl.