Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet Siblings

This sweet little girl who is reading to her brother, taking over motherly duties while her mommy nurses her sister back to health in a fog of insomnia.

and her brother, with his wooden practice sword laying beside him because his Daddy told him that it would slay any monsters he encountered. It gave him courage enough to brave dark rooms where wild things live.

His Mommy had to clarify earlier in the day that sisters will never qualify as monsters. ever. Regardless of how they mess up your video game.

This boy, his schooling strike long forgotten, informed us all the other day that nobody ever reads to him anymore; and he can't read on his own. He needs someone to help him read. Thank goodness he has a sister willing to indulge him while Mommy is busy.


H-Mama said...

This is priceless! Love it!

Rob said...

Very cute! And Brian is certainly right about those swords by the way. Had those when I was a kid, and I spied nary a monster.