Sunday, October 4, 2009

Herman park

The one thing I really love about homeschooling is the freedom we have to take advantage of all the events around town.

Friday we took off to Miller Outdoor Theater with our friends the Ischys. The Houston Grand Opera presentation of "How Nanita Learned to make Flan". The kids really enjoy these performances, and of course they enjoy getting together with friends. I was especially impressed that John paid attention to the show and only complained once that there wasn't a playstation 2 there.

After that we walked through Herman Park to the splash pad. Mommy forgot that it had rained heavily the night before, so it was really interesting traipsing down the once dirt, now mud paths. Note to self: coolers on wheels don't roll well caked with mud. We spent alot of time giggling over that.

Once we got to the splash pad, we found a lost dog. You can see him, and the police officer we had to call in the last picture. Thank goodness there was another woman there who recently lost her dog and wanted to take this one home. I am a bleeding heart for stray animals, and I felt like we narrowly escaped coming home with a fluffly white little dog!

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Rob said...

Sounds like a cool trip! Grats on not coming home with a puppy. A pit bull wandered into our yard last year sometime and I nearly wanted to talk Heather into keeping that. (Also a sucker for the needy animals here.)