Monday, October 12, 2009

Fire Department Open House

We went to the local Fire Departments Open house and it was AWESOME! It happened to tie right in with what we were doing for scouting and for school too. Plus, we got little plastic hats, always a win.

Going down the fireman pole was a big hit. Seriously. Big. Hit. John wanted to know why we didn't have one at home.

Everyone loved the ride on the fire truck. I was pretty proud of myself for braving the heights. I think I got a little dizzy way up there.

The fire hoses were a close second to the fire pole. After John had his turn with the hose, he ran right in front of the other hose, narrowly avoiding being soaked. The firefighter manning the hose almost died laughing. They were SO sweet to us, I was so impressed. The Firemen went way out of their way to show the kids a good time.

John was asked by the fireman "How often does your mommy change the smoke detector batteries?" John says "Not Much!" Thanks for ratting me out punk.

Chloe was chosen from the crowd to test out the fire extinguisher.

We got to see the helicopter land, really really close. I managed to hang onto the balloons through that, but then lost them at the park. Ironic, no?


H-Mama said...

Girl, how do you find out about stuff like this? Looks like SO much fun... I've never seen a fire dept so hands on with the lil' ones. Great memories!

Jennifer said...

I happened to be driving through Friendswood the week before and almost crashed the car in glee when I saw the sign. We were going to miss the downtown Fire Fest for the Renfaire so it felt like a make up day.


wow, yall had fun! we should of gone to that one too. way to go chloe, man handling that hose. micah so would have loved the ride in the fire truck. we are so there next year.

Rachel said...

That looks like a ton of fun!

Rob said...

This looks like such a great time! Sorry that kid John ratted you out though :P